Neue CD Composing Beethoven

To mark the Beethoven Year 2020, the CD "Composing Beethoven" will be released on April 17th on the avi-music label in cooperation with the SWR.

Composers of all epochs have repeatedly arranged and reworked both their own and other people's works - sometimes these are simple arrangements for sales reasons, but often they are evidence of creative reflection, an interpretative examination of other people's or their own works. With his famous Gassenhauer Trio op. 11, the young Beethoven pulls out all the stops of his ability to demonstrate, by means of an almost primitive, in any case catchy opera melody, the diversity of such a model, while not lacking in humour.
Later he revised his famous, masterly Septet op. 20 to a new work in trio instrumentation, his Trio op.38.
With his "Transcompositions", the renowned composer and university professor Johannes Schöllhorn deals with great predecessors in a similarly creative, very contemporary way. For "Composing Beethoven" he has transformed the late Piano Bagatelles op.119 into an idiosyncratic trio version that casts new light on well-known compositions.

With Kilian Herold (clarinetist and professor at the Freiburg Music Academy), Peter-Philipp Staemmler (principal cellist of the HR Symphony Orchestra and the Armida Quartet) and Hansjacob Staemmler (pianist and lecturer at the Freiburg and Frankfurt Music Academies), a trio of internationally renowned chamber musicians who have been awarded prestigious prizes has come together especially for this project.